Titos Sompa
Yao! Titos Sompa with the Tanawa Dance Company LP 1978 Vanguard VSD 79415
-(Collin Walcott-producer, some mixing & editing)

1. Salongo
2. The Birth
3. Ngoma Bakongo I
4. Yao!
5. Ngoma Bakongo II

Titos Sompa - lead vocals, Congo drums, African mama drums, percussion
Linda Brockington - vocals, African maracas
Julia Lema-Ellison - vocals
Bernadine Jennings - vocals
Thelma Martin - vocals
Coster Massumba - lead solo drum, vocals, percussion
Malonga Casque-Lourd - percussion, vocals, drums
Monti Ellison - percussion, vocals
Fred Simpson - percussion, vocals, drums
Jakuba Abiona - percussion, vocals, drums
Sosoliso Simpson - crying
Isabella Chaba Simpson - vocals
Evelyn Wilkins - vocals
Collin Walcott - producer, mixing engineer, editing
Mark Berry - mixing engineer, editing
Jeff Zaraya - recording engineer

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family