Thomas Z. Shepard
Such Good Friends
LP 1971 TS Records TS-79820

1. Prelude; Julie: Feeling Happy
2. Richard's Celebration
3. Julie and Richard: Portraits
4. Julie Alone
5. Guggenheim Museum Fantasy Waltz
6. Fantasia on Two Songs
7. Tea for Toes
8. Cal and Julie
9. Finale: Miranda; Richard's Diary; ("And He Will Not Come Again"*), "Suddenly, It's All Over"

Thomas Z. Shepard-composer, arranger, conductor
Robert Brittan-lyrics
O. C. Smith-vocal
Lois Winters-vocal*
Collin Walcott-sitar*
Other musicians unknown

Features "And Will He Not Come Again" sung by Lois Winters, sitar accompaniment by Collin Walcott.

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family