Such Good Friends
1971 - USA - 100 min. - Feature, Color

Director Otto Preminger
Genre/Type Black Comedy, Comedy

Rating R

From book by Lois Gould

Produced by Otto Preminger / Paramount / Paramount

Plot Synopsis:
In this black comedy, a wife begins reflecting on her husband's recent
extra-marital activities after he is admitted to the hospital for minor
surgery. After she finds his secret date-book, the woman decides to begin
having some flings herself. Meanwhile, her husband's routine surgery goes
awry and he dies. -- Sandra Brennan

James Beard - Dr. Mahler
Dyan Cannon - Julie Messinger
James Coco - Dr. Timmy Spector
Nina Foch - Mrs. Wallman
Rita Gam - Doria Perkins
Nancy Guild - Molly Hastings
T.J. Hargrave - Nicky
Ken Howard - Cal Whiting
Elaine Joyce - Marion Spector
Louise Lasser - Marcy Berns
Sam Levene - Uncle Eddie
Laurence Luckinbill - Richard Messinger
Burgess Meredith - Bernard Kalman
Jennifer O'Neill - Miranda
Joseph Papp - Shakespeare Theatre in the Park
Collin Walcott - Sitarist
Nancy R. Pollock - Aunt Harriet
William Redfield - Barney Halstead
Doris Roberts - Mrs. Gold
Lee Sabinson - Dr. Bleiweiss
Richard B. Shull - Clarence Fitch
Clarice Taylor - Mrs. McKay
Lawrence Tierney - Guard
Virginia Vestoff - Emily Lapham

Otto Preminger - Director / Producer
Esther Dale - Screenwriter
Elaine May - Screenwriter
David Shaber - Screenwriter
Gayne Rescher - Cinematographer
Harry Howard - Editor
Rouben Ter-Arutunian - Production Designer
Thomas Z. Shepard - Composer (Music Score)
Robert Brittan - Songwriter
Bryce Preminger - Costume Designer
Ron Talsky - Costume Designer
Richard Pietschmann - Sound/Sound Designer
Eric Lee Preminger - Associate Producer
Charles Okun - First Assistant Director
Jack Priestley - Camera Operator
Saul Meth - Makeup

Collin Walcott appears in one scene in the film as a sitarist and performs
on camera. There was never a video released of this film but there was a
soundtrack LP released. Soundtrack LP may have the music from the scene
with Walcott.

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family