Paul Winter Consort
CD 1970 A&M CD 0826


1. Icarus (Towner) 4:30
2. Fantasy (Mudarra)
Fugue (Bach, arr. Walcott/McCandless)
Ghost Beads (Towner) 7:05
3. Um Abraco (Towner) 4:20
4. Ave Maria Stella (Dufay, arr. Walcott/McCandless)
Andromeda (Winter) 8:14
5. General Pudson's Entrance (Towner) 5:50
6. Come To Your Senses (all) 6:41
7. Requiem (Darling) 7:30
8. Africanus Brasileiras Americanus 8:10
Kalagala Ebwembe (traditional Ugandan, arr. Walcott)
Aza Branca (Gonzaga)


Paul Winter: Sax
David Darling: Cello
Ralph Towner: Classical Guitar, 12-String Guitar
Paul McCandless: Oboe, English Horn
Collin Walcott: Tabla, Conga, Surdos, Drumset, East European Tambourine
Glen Moore: Bass

Miscellaneous percussion played by all:
Amadinda Xylophone, Kalimba, Afuche, Reco-reco,
Agogos, V-8 Juice Shaker, Tubo, Sleighbells

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family