1971 - USA - 96 min. - Documentary, Color

Director Howard Worth

Produced by Apple / Howard Worth

Plot Synopsis:
This documentary of the life of virtuoso sitarist Ravi Shankar helped
satisfy the extraordinary curiosity this magnetic performer had aroused by
successfully introducing classical Indian music to Western audiences.
Classical Indian music, with its complex melodic development and unfamiliar
rhythms, was (and is) quite a challenge for Westerners to master. This
documentary enters into Shankar's daily life, his practice, his religion,
and his devotion to his musical and spiritual gurus, and shows much of the
spirit behind the music. Shankar is also seen giving music instruction to
American and Indian students, which is a painless way for viewers to learn
some lessons as well. Among the performances shown is a concert with
classical violinist Yehudi Menuhin. -- Clarke Fountain

Howard Worth - Director
Chris Newman - Sound/Sound Designer
Nancy Bacal - Associate Producer / Screenwriter

Collin Walcott appears in 1 scene in the film as one of Shankar's students.
The soundtrack LP credits Walcott for the additional music, which is never clearly identified on the LP.

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