Jade Muse: The Best of Oregon (compilation)
CD 2003 Universe 58


1. Collin's Date
2. Elevator
3. North Star
4. Love Over Time
5. Brujo
6. Ann Arbor
7. Recuerdos
8. Friend Of The Family
9. Song For A Friend
10. Person-To-Person
11. Spring Wind
12. Rainmaker
13. Song For Jim Webb
14. Land Of Heart's Desire
15. Silence Of A Candle
16. Late-Night Guitar


Jerry Goodman - Violin
Vasant Rai - Guitar (Acoustic), Flute, Guitar, Piano, Tamboura, Sarod, Swar Peti
Larry Karush - Piano
Bob Kindler - Cello
Martin Quinn - Drumset
Larry Coryell - Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Elvin Jones - Drums
Ralph Towner - Percussion, Piano, Trumpet, Arranger, French Horn, Mellophonium, Organ (Hammond), Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Classical), Hands, Clay Drums
Collin Walcott - Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Bass (Electric), Conga, Sitar, Tabla, Guitar (12 String), Producer, Dulcimer (Hammer), Madal, Pakawaj, Mouth Bow
Glen Moore - Flute, Piano, Violin, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Bass), Bass (Acoustic)
Zbigniew Seifert - Violin
Paul McCandless - Clarinet (Bass), Horn (English), Oboe, Wood Flute

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family