In Concert
CD 1975 Universe 25


1. Introduction (George Schuz) 0:42
2. Become, Seem, Appear (Oregon) 6:36
3. Summer Solstice (Towner) 9:46
4. Undertow (McCandless) 3:43
5. The Silence Of A Candle (Towner) 9:53
6. Tryton's Horn (Oregon) 5:01
7. Yet To Be (Towner) 6:55


Paul McCandless: oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, wooden flute
Glen Moore: bass, flute, violin, piano (on 'Tryton's Horn')
Ralph Towner: 12-string and classical guitars, mellophone,
French horn, trumpet, piano (on 'Yet To Be')
Collin Walcott: sitar, tabla, clarinet, percussion, congas

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