CD 1977 VANGUARD, VMD 79370


1. Interstate (Towner) 8:44
2. Gospel Song (McCandless) 2:28
3. Grazing Dreams (Walcott) 3:34
4. Slumber Song (McCandless) 5:54
5. Time Remembered (Bill Evans) 4:43
6. First Thing in the Morning (Wallace/Walcott) 3:19
7. Love Over Time (Moore) 3:46
8. Timeless (John Abercrombie) 8:20


Paul McCandless: English horn, oboe, bass clarinet
Glen Moore: bass, piano, flute
Ralph Towner: 12-string and classical guitars, piano, French horn
Collin Walcott: tabla, sitar, percussion
Bennie Lee Wallace: tenor saxophone
Larry Karush: piano
David Earl Johnson: congas, timbales

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family