LP 1977 Vanguard VSD 79394


1. Phases of the Moon (D'Earth, Thompson) 3:57
2. In the Limbo (Segal, Thompson) 3:53
3. Roadsigns (Thompson) 4:49
4. Sky (Segal, Thompson) 6:04
5. Willow Land (D'earth, Josepe, Thomson) 8:14
6. Out from the Kiva (D'Earth) 3:58
7. Superman (Josepe) 4:41
8. City Fever (Thompson) 6:23
9. Into the Forest (Josepe, Walcott, Thompson, D'Earth, Segal)


Collin Walcott: percussion, conga, sitar, producer
John D'Earth: flute, trumpet, flagoelet, fluegelhorn, whistle
Armen Donelian: synthesizer, piano, keyboards
Dave Glenn: trombone
Bob Josepe: drums, bells
Rick Kilburn: bass
Dawn Thompson: percussion, vocals
Reed Wasson: tambourine

2003. All rights reserved to the Collin Walcott Family