Jim Pepper
Comin' and Goin'
CD 1983 Bellaphon 290.31.029


1. Witchi-Tai-To (Jim Pepper) 8:19
2. Ya Na Ho (Gilbert Pepper) 3:00 *
3. Squaw Song (Gilbert Pepper) 5:24 *
4. Goin' Down To Muskogee (Jim Pepper) 5:50
5. Comin' And Goin' (Jim Pepper) 4:41
6. Lakota Song (trad. arr. Jim Pepper) 4:23
7. Water (Jim Pepper) 5:40 **
8. Custer Gets It (Jim Pepper) 3:02
9. Malinye (Don Cherry) 4:15 **


Jim Pepper: vocals, chants, soprano and tenor sax
Don Cherry: trumpet
Hamid Drake: drums, chants
Bill Frisell: guitar
Danny Gottlieb: drums
Mark Helias: acoustic bass
Karen Knight: vocals
Jane Lind: vocals
Lester Mcfarland: electric bass, chants
Ed Schuller: acoustic bass
John Scofield: guitar
Nana Vasconcelos: percussion, chants
Collin Walcott: tabla (*), sitar (**)
Kenny Werner: piano

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