1968 - USA - 115 min. - Feature, Color

Director Ralph Nelson
Genre/Type Science Fiction, Drama, Romance

From book "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes

Produced by Cinerama Releasing Corporation / Cinerama Releasing Corporation
/ Selmur Pictures

Plot Synopsis:
In 1961, Cliff Robertson starred in "The Two Worlds of Charley Gordon," a TV
adaptation of Daniel Keyes' story "Flowers for Algernon." Determined not to
lose out on the film version of this play , Robertson bought up the movie
rights to Keyes' story so that he and he alone would star. This
determination paid off in the form of the "Best Actor" Academy Award for
Robertson in 1968. The star plays Charly, a 30-year-old mentally retarded
bakery worker. Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Nemur (Leon Janney) and psychiatrist
Dr. Anna Straus (Lilia Skala) approach Charly and ask him to participate in
an experiment. Previously, Dr. Nemur was able to accelerate the intelligence
of a mouse named Algernon by performing a radical new form of brain surgery;
could not such a procedure work on a human being? As a result, Charly not
only achieves normal intelligence, but also becomes a genius. Emboldened by
his new mental status, Charly proposes marriage to his very receptive
special-ed teacher (Claire Bloom). Alas, Charly notices that Algernon has
begun to regress . . . . and reasons, correctly, that soon he will return to
his old developmentally challenged state. A winner in virtually every
respect. -- Hal Erickson

Cliff Robertson - Charly Gordon
Claire Bloom - Alice Kinian
Leon Janney - Dr. Richard Nemur
Lilia Skala - Dr. Anna Straus
Dick Van Patten - Bert
William Dwyer - Joey
Dan Morgan - Paddy
Barney Martin - Hank
Ruth White - Mrs. Apple
Frank Dolan - Eddie
Ralph Nelson - Convention speaker
Skipper McNally - Gimpy

Ralph Nelson - Director / Producer
Selig J. Seligman - Executive Producer
Stirling Silliphant - Screenwriter
Arthur Ornitz - Cinematographer
Franz Steininger - Editor
Frederic Steinkamp - Editor
John De Cuir - Production Designer
Ravi Shankar - Composer (Music Score)
Collin Walcott - Conductor
Charles Rosen - Art Director

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